Erotic Hypnosis Dominatrix Syren Rayna

Welcome to my world.

Here you will find erotic hypnosis MP3s and guided fantasies to suit your perverted little mind. I am the type of Dominatrix who loves to seduce your mind...slowly bending you to my will, making you wonder where I stop and you begin.

I am addictive.

This is a warning not a brag. My tracks are designed to get deep inside your mind and make me unforgettable. Once you have given your mind over to me fully you might be brave enough to want to do a live session with me. Should this be the case you will find a list of my favorite kinks under Kinks and Interests.
"A good Domme will sometimes make you do things you don’t want to. A great Domme will make you want things you never wanted before." - Syren Rayna

Now, click play below to begin your addiction to my voice.

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Mental Manipulation

I adore manipulation and causing addiction (to me). Because I am certified and trained in hypnosis I use covert hypnosis along with other behaviour modification tactics to control you. Using real hypnotic techniques to play with your mind. My erotic hypnosis recording are the perfect way to start your addiction to me.

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Sensual Sadism

Fuck, I love it when you suffer for me! My favorite is pleasure suffering over pain suffering but a little of both is good for the soul. Edge for me till you ache. Stay chaste while I tease you out of your mind or find yourself giving me control over everything. Listen to the erotic hypnosis MP3s that are designed to keep you coming back for more. Suffer deliciously.

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Fantasy Facilitator

Erotic hypnosis can create a world in which your fantasy can live is a lot like creating a roller coaster. There has to be highs and lows, twists and turns, and most importantly a safety belt. I believe in Personally Responsible Informed Consensual Kink. Playing safe means that we can play for a long time to come.



Syren Rayna has an amazing voice and a powerful hypnotist. Once you are engaged, you’ll be excited to talk with her at every chance. I highly recommend her recordings.


Absolutely amazing trancing, and the sexiest, most powerful voice. I find myself craving, wondering, hoping if Goddess Rayna does live calls as well.

Tall Bill

Syren is a consummate professional. Resistance is futile. I only remember blissful surrender to her words melting my mind. We can hope she is on NF more and more.


Syren Rayna is the upper echelon and you’ll go deeper for her than for anyone else.


Steen Rayna, I submit my thoughts to you. I submit my body to you. I submit my mind to you. I kneel at your feet and carry out your will.



You made my life so much better! Thank you for your wonderful control my one and only Mistress! I love you Rayna!