Princess Buttplug Goes Panty Shopping

Princess Buttplug Goes Panty Shopping feels like the start of a kids book for adults and therefore I shall write it as such. This was how I spent my afternoon playing with one of my male subs. Enjoy.

Meet Princess Buttplug. Before the panty shopping.

Princess Buttplug was feeling a little less than pretty. Her fuzzy white tail swishing against her legs and the ribbed metal buttplug rubbing her prostate was not enough for her anymore. She wanted, needed, to feel pretty and she knew the boys were just around the corner.

New pink slutty panties were just what this Princess needed. All the boys will go crazy when her Mistress puts up her profile to suck cock IF she is wearing some sexy new panties.

So one day Princess Buttplug is sent to Victoria’s Secret to select a few new pairs all the while on the phone with her Mistress.
“You have 2 options;” Mistress says “ask the sales associate to help you find a pair that will fit you OR go try them on.”

You see, previous to this conversation Princess had tried to pass off the idea that the shopping was for the wife. And as you know, it is not nice to tell a lie. So, much to the delight of the Mistress and to the humiliation of Princess Buttplug the sales associate was very kind and very helpful.

“Do you think these would fit me?” Princess Buttplug stammered voice cracking with nerves.

“You?” the sales associate was caught a little off guard. She recovered quickly with detail about sizing. “I think you would need these, they would fit a 32 inch waist.”
And much to the delight of the Mistress and the horror of Princess Buttplug she continues with “You can always try them on if you wear liners underneath.”

Thankfully the associate could not hear the Mistress burst out laughing because Princess Buttplug had Skype running through her headphones.

The dressing room was filled with whimpers from Princess Buttplug the likes of “Hmmm these liners are so small” and “this is really uncomfortable” as she carefully cleaned up her dripping precum to protect the delicate pink panties.

As if this was not enough humor and humiliation; Princess Buttplug made her way to the cash register. “Do you have a membership card;” asked the associate “it will give you early access to the Panty Party”.

“No, no thank you” stammers Princess Buttplug as the Mistress laughs so hard she almost falls off the bed. This was very fortunate for Princess as the Mistress really wanted to make her say “Oh I have my own Panty Parties”

But the Princess, being the chickenshit she was asks if they have any unmarked plain paper bags to carry the pretty pink treasures out. They did not; so Princess ditched the bag on her way out of the mall and then accidently bumped into some colleagues.

The Mistress would have been delighted for them to see the package but perhaps that will have to wait for the next adventure.

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