Sensual Sadism: Hurting you with pleasure.

When many of us think of “sadism” we think of some pretty heavy stuff. Ball-gags, whips, chains, restraints, all used to dish out pain, and inflict marks, humiliate, and so on. While that can be fun for many in D/s relationships, I often prefer a much more sensual side of sadism.

Those lucky subs who have served under me know exactly what I mean. I get absolutely turned on watching your reactions–the ragged breathing, uncomfortable shifting, needy moans, etc–as you lose yourself in the moment. While I find impact and other forms of sadism to be entertaining; my personal brand of sadism has more to do with inflicting a different sort of pain: that pain that comes from overwhelming lust and desire. The pain that comes from edging without release, having to beg for that sweet release, which you might not get (at least not today, maybe not tomorrow, either).

“Give a man an orgasm, and he’ll forget you in five minutes. Deny a man an orgasm, and you’re all he’ll think about until he’s allowed to cum.”

This, of course, gives me great control over my subs. Control is what I crave. And to be controlled is their greatest desire. But it’s not just about control. My sensual brand of sadism comes in here. I get so aroused, hearing the real pain, and real desperation in their voices as they beg for the release which may or may not come. And when I do allow them to earn that release, it is only after I have taken their bodies to the edge and back again many times, cruelly teasing them, making them putty in my powerful hands, before allowing that sweet, sweet orgasm.

Teasing you is not just about my control, or your pain, but about my pleasure. Do not forget that. As you writhe, and beg, and whimper, I am aroused, teasing myself as I’m teasing you. When you crave pleasure, it turns me on, and when I’m turned on, it’s better for both of us.

And that’s what we all want, isn’t it pet?

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