Required Etiquette

Read and follow the guidelines below if you want to ensure a productive dialogue during our first communication.  

  • Familiarize yourself with the content on my website and on my twitter feed. If you arm yourself with the information on those two sources you will have most of your questions answered and have a better chance of impressing me. You will also gain a better sense of my style and whether or not it suits your needs.
  • You will address me as Syren, Mistress, or Goddess.
  • When you introduce yourself, be polite and respectful. You only have one chance to make a good impression. I don't waste my time on rude people.
  • The key to good communication is clarity. Use full sentences, proper grammar, and make your questions direct and to the point. If I know exactly what you're hoping for you will get a better answer. This applies to email as well as voice communication. Instead of asking "Can I meet you" try letting me know what city you are in, what type of session you are looking for and asking if I am touring to your area soon.
  • Understand that I am busy. I am one, and you are legion. I will endeavor to answer your emails and questions in a timely manner, but this is not always possible. Multiple emails or messages will only annoy me. Any demanding or aggressive communication is an instant and automatic deal breaker and anyone foolish enough to engage in such behavior will be permanently blocked.
  • If you choose to direct message me on twitter, all the same rules apply.