I love the creativity that kink provides. It is as much of a creative, emotional, and mental expression as it is a sexual one; often even more than  sexual. Below is a list of some kink and interests I have as well as hard limits. I like to have fun and play with the psychology of kink so if there is something you don't see listed just ask!

I believe in SSC, RACK, and PRICK so all playtime has to be considered risk aware, safe as possible, and consensual.

Abandon / Ignore

Chastity Training



Sensation Play




Orgasm Control


Cock and Ball Torture


Impact Play


Tease and Denial


Foot/Leg Worship

In-Depth Training

Sensory Deprivation

Limits and No Interest
I will not, under any terms, indulge in any of the following fetishes:
  • Oral Service – There will be no contact between your mouth and my mouth, breasts, anus, or vagina. Ever.
  • Needles and Blood play
  • Hand Jobs, Foot Jobs, etc –  Permission to self-release may be granted for superior behavior.
  • Golden / Brown Showers / Exchange of bodily fluid (spit being an exception)
  • Wrestling
  • Switching/Submission
  • List is subject to change so check back.