Binaural Addiction

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Let the binaural beats and isochronic tones lull you into a deep state of focus. I want to help you focus on whatever it is you are doing. Pay no attention to the voices whispering in your ear. It is for your own good, I assure you. A stronger addiction to me could be a healthy side effect.

****This track does not have a main vocal.****

Binaural beats, isochronic tones, and whisper tracks melt your mind and make it mine.


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2 reviews for Binaural Addiction

  1. A.P

    This was my first introduction to her voice outside of Sanctuary and I think I am still working out the cobwebs she put in my mind from this. I’ll hear her voice *after* I finish listening (often hours later). Her voice should come with a warning label.

  2. Syren’s Body

    This is an awesome track to listen to anytime, but especially when going to sleep for the night. Syren Rayna’s voice is very soothing.

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