Resist Me

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You have wanted to do this for a while now; try to stave off the?power of my voice. Try to resist and see what happens instead. You do have to play by my rules …it is my game. I think I am pretty fair. I mean, after all, have you ever had an hypnotist ask you to resist? Come, see what happens.

Runtime 17:42

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4 reviews for Resist Me

  1. Z

    Syren Rayna has done it again, using her perfect and sexy voice to guide you down into trance, this time completely against your will! No matter how much you try to fight it, you will be pulled down and become putty in her hands. Just don’t pretend that’s not what you wanted anyway 😉

  2. TallDrink

    Syren Rayna has a lovely voice. “Resist Me” is very cleverly done. I wasn’t able to resist — I think I need to practice more!

  3. newone2010

    Syren Rayna is far too compelling to resist, and she knows it. It’s hard to imagine what her life would be like in public. I can’t imagine being the poor guy at the grocery checkout or the bank… how she would ever have to pay for any item is baffling to me. Here in this file, while she lays out the clear and present danger of continuing to listen, you have no choice but to become more and more enthralled. Don’t buy this clip if your goal is to prove you won’t give in.

  4. Brad

    Syren Rayna has you in her clutches the second you accept this challenge. Once you start listening there is no way to resist. But why would you want to? Syren is absolutely entrancing.

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