Resist: Cock Sucking

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Perhaps you have tried my Resist me track, if not…you should. This is the same game only the stakes are higher. Can you actually resist wanting to suck cock for me? Can your little mind hold out or will you get hard and throb at the thought no matter how you try in vain to fight it. Go on…I like it when you struggle.

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1 review for Resist: Cock Sucking

  1. Ryman

    I listened to this recording by Syren Rayna.

    It was the first of her recordings that I have listened to and I am now addicted to her work and will have to explore other recordings.

    It is the most powerful recording I have listened to. I knew that listening to this might be risky – as I like to see whether a person can influence my mind.

    Well, I found out the answer.

    I won’t say too much about what affect it had on me, as I want listeners to have their own experience, but will say that it was intense and mind blowing!!

    If you are open to letting someone play with your mind, then check it out.

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