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I want the keys to your mind and you’re going to hand them to me. You might even find yourself addicted. The clever ones always do. Do you think I’ll stop at addiction? It’s just the beginning of your journey.

Runtime: 00:21:58

I want this!

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4 reviews for Sanctuary

  1. drt

    Welcome to Syren’s playground. This sets the stage for so many of Syren’s other files, and is a wonderful submission experience in itself. I’m addicted.

  2. Thomas Kempf

    Runtime: 00:21:58, what should happen there. Addiction? it worked the first time I listened! Thanks Goddes Syren Rayna

  3. Brad

    Let Syren take you down into her sanctuary where you will surely offer yourself to her. Listen to Syren’s evocative descriptions of her temple and follow her directions into a deep, blissful trance.

  4. Nick

    This is a wonderful experience that I’m surprised by every time I listen. Being taken down into Syren Rayna’s control feels so visceral and compelling and I come back to it again and again.

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