The Abyss

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There is a spot in your mind, a secret place that we NEED to explore. Tucked away in the deepest part of you is a black crevasse that goes even deeper. Much much deeper. It goes so deep that once you’re in there, the only way to get back out is with help. I can take you there, but will I bring you back? Maybe if you’re good. This track contains submersion imagery if you have a strong fear of water this might not be for you.

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2 reviews for The Abyss

  1. drt

    Drop deep for Syren Rayna. This file takes you down, and then down even further. For those who like to really go deep into hypnosis, this is a great one.

  2. Nick

    I’ve listened to this track, uh… several times. I still don’t remember it, so, that’s a five-star rating in my book 😉

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