Virus: Gooning

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Edging for me sounds like such a delight. Run this program and stroke to my command. You will feel so good when you follow my instructions. So good you might not even notice what is installing inside your mind while you are busy with this program. Don’t worry you won’t turn in to a mindless gooning machine keyed to spoil me from the program. That would take a virus. Am I the type of person who would install a virus in your mind? Go on,buy it, you can’t wait to try this.

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2 reviews for Virus: Gooning

  1. Dan

    This is the first file I listened to by Syren Rayna. Her voice is very calming, soothing, and seductive. I was eased into trance and enjoyed the programming. I will be listening to this over and over again!

  2. Den

    Like this be listening for more thanks

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