Virus: (c)Yum

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You have wondered how far you would go for me. Wondered what crazy, silly, fun, gross, or dirty little things I could make you do. Well, let’s start here. Listen to this exercise in ridiculousness. You will imagine food while you stroke to the sound of my voice and if you are successful in my little tests I might let you cum. What happens after that is not my problem. Good luck.

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1 review for Virus: (c)Yum

  1. Nick

    CEI is one of those things I’m fairly resistant to, but not for any strong reason in particular, so it’s become a kind of a benchmark for me to see effective a hypnodomme is. The closest I’ve gotten before is filling my mouth before gagging and spitting it in the trash (not counting the time I shot myself in the eye, that wasn’t great, haha). That record has now been shattered. I was ravenous, and didn’t even stop to think until several minutes afterwards. I’ve never felt compelled to so much as swallow, let alone scoop up more! I guess YMMV based on how into the concept you are going in, but from someone who’s typically apathetic, this one blew me away!

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