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Artistic Collaboration

The Demonic Deal – Fully Narrated Female Muscle Transfer Audio

I had the honor of giving a voice to a very powerful Succubus who will, in fact, take everything she wants from you. Are you brave enough to listen?

Interviews and Podcasts

Text Interview with Jeff Pearlman

A text based interview with best selling author Jeff Pearlman.

Podcast Interview with Gio from Consensually Speaking

The wonderful Gio and I talk about BDSM Build-A-Bear, Hypnosis, Dom/me feels, and more! We had to cut out our amazing Karaoke due to copyright issues. But, dammit, there was singing!

Video Interview with Nicholas Tanek host of Your Kinky Friends

Nicholas and I get deep and kinky as we cover everything from BDSM to Movies

Text Interview with Domme Addiction

Nervous slaveboysmith asks some questions and gets a little more than I think he bargained for at the end.