The Demonic Deal – Fully Narrated Female Muscle Transfer Audio

Be careful what you bargain for.  A man summons a succubus, hoping to control her.  Instead, she offers him a proposal: transfer an inch off his biceps to hers, and he can feel her growth firsthand.

“That is my final offer.  Take it, or I’m leaving.  Forever.”

It was preposterous – he would give so much in exchange for very little.  And yet, the man accepts.

An ominous humming fills the air.  She inhales deeply, and he feels winded.  The man’s muscles decay, while hers burgeon with new life.  He claims his reward – but groping her biceps increases his infatuation.

The succubus presses her advantage, demanding a repeat of the previous transaction.  The man failed to resist before, and his will is weaker now.  He consents, again.

The ominous humming returns…  Her muscles swell while his deflate….  Her control increases, while his dwindles.

How much will she take?

How much can one mortal man offer to an eternal succubus?

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