Findom as a bar window looking into bar with the word relax on it.

Findom as a Bar (An analogy): How to indulge without getting kicked out.

Sometimes it is easier to express or grasp a concept of something that is new or difficult when it is in line with something we are already familiar with. Therefore, I have come up with this analogy to explain the do's and don'ts of findom. While I am sure it is not perfect, as very little in this life is. Hopefully it will provide the "a-ha!" moments some need from time to time.  (I am also certain I will update this as time passes). *I understand the importance of gender neutrality and that both subs and Dom/mes are any and all genders but for the sake of making this easy, and going off the higher statistics, it is written with a male sub and female Domme in mind. You are young, just reached drinking age. You have been drinking at home up till now but your girlfriend / wife, while...Read More