The best way to show a Goddess you worship her is to put your money where your mouth is.
You will quickly find yourself enjoying the experience more each and every time.
And you, like me, will crave for more.


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Sometimes you want to send a little something to spoil your Goddess, after all I bring such excitement to your life it is only right you would want to spoil me. Here are some ideas. All gift cards go to

If you are short on cash but want to send your appreciation here are some ways you can show that you appreciate me. (These are not in exchange for sessions). 

  • Playing music for me

  • Worship photos - Posted to Twitter

  • Public displays of devotion

    • (Devote a song to me at karaoke and record it, post a YouTube video, etc)

  • Graphic artists (amuse me with cartoons of me or art that is made to honor me)

  • Writing stories for me

  • Writing poems, songs and hymns about me example

  • Offer your skills - If you have a skill that could be of use to me feel free to let me know.